Bluetooth Key Locator
Bluetooth. Miniaturised. Ultra-low power.
Nebulising Drug Inhaler
Biomedical. Ultrasonic. Rechargeable.
Indoor Pet Tracking
Ultrasonic. Wireless. Rechargeable.
Keychain Multimeter
Phone connectivity. Miniaturised. Retractable.
Architectural Lighting
High-output LED. Dimmable.
Vehicle Tracker
GPS. 3G. Satellite. Waterproof.
Driver Behavior Monitoring
Bluetooth. Micro-power. Motion sensing.



Ingenuity was founded by Paul Moutzouris in May 2011.  Paul has over 20 years experience in electronic product development and has worked as a Principal Designer, Consultant, Manager and CTO for numerous Australian and international companies.

In commencing Ingenuity, Paul had 3 primary goals:

  1. To establish a leading design company with turn-key product development capabilities
  2. To develop various innovative products and spawn new businesses
  3. To give back to help make the world a better place

Since commencing operations, Ingenuity has…

  • Approximately doubled its size for each year of operation (reaching over 20 staff)
  • Relocated premises 4 times, acquiring state-of-the art facilities
  • Expanded its in-house capabilities to cover all aspects of product design
  • Conducted over 150 projects for more than 50 happy clients
  • Developed several internal products
  • Spawned another successful technology business
  • Supported various charities

Mission, Vision and Values

Ingenuity’s mission is to provide professional and comprehensive product design services, leading to the success of our clients.

Ingenuity’s vision is to be a leading centre for innovation and excellence in electronic product design, development and commercialisation.

Our values are at the heart of everything we do. We are…

  • Dedicated to our client’s success
  • Passionate about innovation
  • Professional with a commercial focus
  • Always “can do”, with a hard working ethic
  • Committed to our employees fulfilment and growth
  • Always honest, trustworthy and fair
  • Practising generosity with compassion

Our Team

Our team consists of degree qualified, professional engineers with diverse and complementary skill sets. Our team includes…

  • Electronic Hardware Engineers
  • Embedded Software Engineers
  • Mobile App Developers
  • Server Developers
  • Industrial Designers
  • Mechanical Engineers
  • Biomedical Engineers
  • RF Engineers
  • Managers and Administration Staff

Our Network

Ingenuity has an extensive network of partners which ensures our clients have everything they need to succeed. Our partners include reputable…

  • Investors
  • R&D Tax Accountants
  • Patent Attorneys
  • Component Suppliers
  • Test and Certification Laboratories
  • Tool Makers
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Local and Offshore Contract Manufacturers

Mind and Soul

At Ingenuity we’re mindful of the fact that not everyone experiences the same quality of life as we do here in Australia and we feel a sense of responsibility to help make this right. Our aim is to use our skills and talents to help the disadvantaged. We do this by donating a generous proportion of our profits to worthy government approved charities. We also favour the development of products that provide social benefits, and in some cases we subsidise developments for a worthy cause. So, when you support us you can rest easy that you’re helping people everywhere experience the benefits of technology.

Here are some of the projects we support:

  • Digging fresh water wells in rural communities in Zimbabwe
  • Providing water filtration and sanitation facilities in Vietnam’s poorest communities
  • Sponsoring Children in Tanzania
  • Providing water storage in Ethiopia
  • Providing emergency aid to victims of the Nepal earthquake
  • Providing shelter and food for refugees in Syria

Ingenuity supports the following Charities:

ChildFund logo
CARE logo
Compassion logo