Pharmaceutical Mesh Nebuliser

The Mesh Nebuliser is a biomedical device that atomises medication into a fine mist using ultrasonics and dispenses this for absorption via the nasal cavity.  Key features include…

  • Ultrasonic Nebulisation –  Ultrasonics are used to create fine particles that are more easily absorbed via the sinuses.
  • Settings – The Mesh Nebuliser can detect medication types using RFID and automatically configure device settings for correct dosage administration.
  • Credits – The RFID interface can also be used to add usage credits to the device.
  • Blow Detection – The Mesh Nebuliser uses a patented technique of detecting a patient blowing into a mouth piece. This is used to ensure that back pressure is maintained before drug administration.
  • USB Charging – The Mesh Nebuliser is powered from a rechargeable LiIon battery and can be charged via a USB fast charger.
  • Display – The Mesh Nebuliser has an integrated LCD display depicting device status, dosage, medication details, and remaining credits.
  • Washable – The Mesh Nebuliser is designed to be water proof and washable.
  • Auto Calibration – The device is easy to use and automatically calibrates itself after each use.
  • Compact – The device is designed to be compact and light weight.
  • Robust – The device is designed for use in frequent-use environments such as clinics.
  • Biomedical – The Mesh Nebuliser has been developed to comply with stringent Australian and US Biomedical standards.

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