Keep your pets where you want them to be! Petguard is a sleek, innovative product which warns pet owners when their pets enter an area of their home where they shouldn’t be and helps train them to keep out of those areas. Key features include…

  • Indoor Proximity Detection – Accurate proximity detection that works indoors. Simply attach a tag to each pet and place a sentinel in locations to be monitored.
  • Audio Alarm – Integrated audio alarm that can be used to warn pet owners when their pets are where they shouldn’t be.
  • Inaudible Alarm – The Petguard can also emit an ultrasonic alarm that only your pet can hear allowing for silent night time operation.
  • Programmable Range – The alarming range for each location and pet is programmable.
  • Multiple Pets and Locations – Petguard supports operation with up to 4 pets and 5 locations in a single environment. Different boundaries can be configured for each pet.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity – Petguard connects directly to your smartphone and the companion app using Bluetooth.
  • App Statistic – Via the companion app Petguard allows owners to download and view statistics of their pets behaviour in order to gauge progress.
  • App Personalisation  – The app allows pet owners to customise the app to include photos of their pets.
  • Ease of Setup – The system has been designed to be easy and fast to setup and install.
  • Low Power – Petguard is designed to be ultra-low power. The tags attached to each pet are powered from a low-cost disposable button cell. The Sentinels used to protect specific areas are powered from a rechargeable LiOn battery that can be charged from a USB charger.
  • Miniaturised – Petguard is designed to be highly integrated and compact.
  • Robust – The Petguard tag is designed to meet the harsh conditions of being mounted on a pet. It is water resistant and shock proof.

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Custom Product Design / Product Development / Ingenuity Design
Custom Product Design / Product Development / Ingenuity Design
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