Smart-Idler™  is an advanced conveyor monitoring system that intelligently monitors conveyor rollers and is able to predict and detect their failure. Smart-Idler embeds electronics within conventional rollers. It provides accurate, automated, real-time monitoring of conveyor rollers, providing key benefits such as reduced conveyor down-time, reduced conveyor damage, simplified maintenance and improved safety.

Key features of the system include…

  • Energy Harvesting – Smart-Idler™ electronics embedded within the roller are powered directly from the rollers rotation.
  • Temperature Sensing – Smart-Idler monitors the temperature of each bearing.
  • Acoustic Sensing – Smart-Idler monitors acoustic levels within the roller.
  • Vibration Sensing and Analysis – Smart-Idler monitors the vibration levels within the bearing and analyses failure frequencies to determine which parts of the bearing are worn.
  • Intelligent Analysis – Smart-Idler uses sophisticated algorithms to predict and detect roller failure based on temperature, acoustic and vibration data.
  • RPM Sensing – Smart-Idler can monitor each rollers RPM and detect skipping rollers.
  • Rotational Counting – Smart-Idler counts rotation which is useful for tracking actual roller mileage.
  • Wear Detection – Smart-Idler measures and compares roller rotation and can detect warn rollers.
  • Wireless – Smart-Idler relays roller information wirelessly down the conveyor using a mesh radio network. Data is relayed back to a gateway.
  • Server Connectivity – Conveyor data and system status is monitored via a cloud hosted web site.
  • 3rd Party Integration – Smart-Idler integrates with other third party roller tagging tools to automate fault tagging. Smart-Idler also supports SCADA integration.
  • Low-Cost – The Smart-Idler system is design to be low cost.
  • Universal – Smart-Idler is designed to be easily integrated within a broad range of roller types.
  • Easy of Installation – Smart-Idler is design to be easy to install in conventional conveyors. There is no conveyor wiring. Just drop in the smart-rollers in place of conventional rollers and install a gateway.
  • Robust – The Smart-Idler system is designed for the harsh conditions found on mines.

Design Aspects

Circuit and PCB Design

Embedded Software Development

Industrial Design

Mechanical Engineering

Server Development

Manufacturing Support

Patent Support

Product Designer / Custom Product Design / Ingenuity Design
Product Designer / Patent Support / Ingenuity Design
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