Mining Vehicle Monitoring
Powerful Linux Core. Automotive. Logging.
Mobile EFTPOS Terminal
Android OS. Touch. Secure.
Driver Behavior Monitoring
Bluetooth. Micro-power. Motion sensing.
Keychain Multimeter
Phone connectivity. Miniaturised. Retractable.
Smartphone Charger
Advanced LiIon charging. Wireless.
Indoor Pet Tracking
Ultrasonic. Wireless. Rechargeable.
Intelligent Conveyor Monitoring
Energy harvesting. Wireless. Vibration analysis.

Why Ingenuity?

At Ingenuity we recognise that our success is built upon the success of our clients. That’s why…

“everything we do is focused on maximising the success of our clients”

Here are some of Ingenuity’s qualities that help maximise your success…


Ingenuity provides professional design services. Being professional means being good at what we do, following processes of the highest quality, always being respectful, communicating clearly, always being objective, delivering on our commitments and following ethics of the highest standard.


At Ingenuity we often undertake projects that push the technology envelope. Whether it’s designing high-speed digital boards, RF circuit boards, highly miniaturised electronics, ultra-low power electronics, or complex multi-board systems, Ingenuity has the experience, know-how and capabilities needed to make your products a reality and success.

Commercially Focused

At Ingenuity everything we do is focused on maximising positive commercial outcomes for our clients. Right from the outset we look beyond the prototype to develop products that are functional, innovative, cost optimised, power efficient, size optimised, manufacturable, testable, serviceable, reliable, compliant and future proof. By designing products with commercial outcomes in mind, we get you to market quicker, save you time and money in unnecessary iterations and help maximise your success.


Our team consists of engineers with decades of experience in product development for a broad range of industries and applications. We have literally designed hundreds of successful products. Our experience and diversity ensures that you receive the optimal solution, quickly and efficiently.

Design Excellence

At Ingenuity, we love to create products that amaze, inspire, and excel in every way. We believe that good design is about creating products that provide the right user experience, simple to use, elegant and clever. Its about balancing functionality and cost, delivering quality on time, ensuring products are technically correct and commercially ready. Its about not re-inventing the wheel whilst doing something different, doing something new and doing something better. Its about being able to satisfy the markets need today whilst being able to adapt to tomorrow.

Diverse Team

Our in-house team consists of more than 20 degree qualified, professional engineers with diverse and complimentary skill sets. Our team includes hardware engineers, software engineers, PC programmers, Linux programmers, App developers, RF specialists, server developers, industrial designers and project engineers. We tailor our team for each project and provide you with the right mix of specialist and expert resources needed for the success of your project.

Award Winning

The Ingenuity as a group has won over 30 design awards and certificates including several Good Design Awards.

Industrial Design Company / Product Design Consultancy / Ingenuity Design


At Ingenuity we deliver work of the highest standard and quality. Attention to detail, careful specification, methodical review, complete documentation, and comprehensive test and verification are all part of our DNA.

Ingenuity quality processes are fully formalised and documented and conform to ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 (accreditation pending).

Custom Product Design / Patent Support / Ingenuity Design


Our team is comprised of highly creative and entrepreneurial people who often think ahead of the game and outside the box. We love technology and innovation.

Ingenuity has participated in the filing of more than 10 provisional patents directly arising from our innovative and inventive solutions to real world problems.


At Ingenuity we provide everything you need to make your product a reality. We can design your product’s electronics, develop embedded software, develop PC and Mobile Apps, design your product’s enclosures and develop back end servers. By offering all these services in one place, we are able to develop products and systems that are integrated and seamless.

But design is just the start! We can also help you secure funding, assist you with patent and IP protection, manage compliance, and set-up and support manufacture.


At Ingenuity we’re simply passionate about all things related to product design. Passion is the energy that drives us to overcome challenges. Our passion comes from a genuine love of what we do!  Our enthusiasm is contagious.


At Ingenuity we use professional systems to ensure programs run efficiently and smoothly. We use enterprise level time-sheeting, document control, version control, bug tracking, schematic and PCB CAD, 3D CAD, circuit simulation, project management and collaboration tools.


At Ingenuity we always do our utmost to be efficient and cost effective in everything we do. We use existing IP from our extensive libraries to lower development risk, time and cost. We provide access to our qualified network of contacts and suppliers at no charge. Despite being a high-quality service provider our rates are competitive by industry standards. We strive to provide value for our clients.


At Ingenuity we adhere to the highest standards of professional conduct and ethics. We’re always honest, transparent and communicate clearly. We maintain a positive attitude and treat others with dignity and respect. Our intentions are always for what’s best for our clients. We believe in fairness and practice generosity.

Facilities and Tools

Ingenuity has the equipment and facilities needed to get the job done right. Our office has over 280 square meters of space overlooking the national park and Lane Cover river. We have a fully equipped lab with specialist equipment including a thermal chamber, DSOs, MSOs, DMMs, LCR meter, microscope, EMC test gear, spectrum analyser, reflow chamber, CNC router, 3D printer, soldering/rework equipment and workshop tools etc.

Industrial Design Company / Product Design Consultancy / Ingenuity Design