Architectural Lighting

Ingenuity has developed the electronics for a range of efficient architectural and garden lights. Key features include:

  • High Brightness –  The lighting utilised the latest, brightest and most efficient LEDs. Power outputs up to 12W are supported.
  • Power – The lighting supports a wide input voltage range from 15 to 48V DC and can operate over cable runs of up to 100m.
  • Thermal Management – The lighting incorporates aluminium clad PCBs for optimal thermal transfer, thermal sensing and current limiting. The thermal characteristics of various light enclosures we’re modelled and simulated.
  • Dimmable – The LED lighting supports future dimming.
  • Water Proof and Robust – The LED lighting was designed for the harsh Australian outdoor conditions.

Design Aspects

Circuit and PCB Design

Thermal Modelling

Compliance and Certification

Manufacturing Support

Product Designer / Custom Product Design / Ingenuity Design
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