Pico Meter

The Pico Meter is the worlds smallest digital multimeter that includes a DSO and logger function. Key features include…

  • Compact Size – fits on your keychain and can be taken anywhere!
  • Retractable Leads – pull the leads out when needed. Just press a button and the leads instantly retract.
  • Wireless Phone Connectivity – connects directly to your smartphone via Bluetooth. The app allows allows intuitive touch based control. Simply pinch and drag to conveniently scale DSO waveforms.
  • Multi Meter Function – measure volts (60V), current (3A) and Ohms with the precision and accuracy of a Fluke.
  • DSO Function – capture and display waveforms up to 25 ksamples per second.
  • Auto Ranging – supports both manual and auto ranging.
  • Logger Function – log a signal at low sample rate for months.
  • Low Power – runs for 6 months off a single button cell.
  • Low Cost – retails for the fraction of the cost of a conventional multimeter.
  • Expand and Upgrade – purchase additional functionality with in App purchases.

Design Aspects

Circuit and PCB Design

Embedded Software Development

Industrial Design

Mechanical Engineering

Smartphone App Development


Custom Product Design / Product Development / Ingenuity Design
Custom Product Design / Product Development / Ingenuity Design
Product Designer / Custom Product Design / Ingenuity Design
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