ShieldCard is an electronic countermeasure that helps protect your personal data from being effortlessly skimmed by electronic pickpockets or high-tech criminals.

ShieldCard is a credit card sized electronic device that actively jams attempts to scan your RFID cards.

Simply place ShieldCard along side your other RFID cards and the ShieldCard will generate a jamming signal whenever it detects a scanner.

SheildCard  is the first product to offer an ‘Active’ electronic solution to protecting your RFID & NFC enabled contactless devices like (‘Tap & Go’ credit cards and ePassports). It provides a touch sensitive button which can be pressed to disable jamming when you want to scan cards without removing them from your wallet.

ShieldCard is a thin, ultra-low power, low-cost, consumer product designed for volume manufacture.

ShieldCard can be purchased from quality retailers.

Design Aspects

Circuit and PCB Design

Embedded Software Development

Compliance and Certification

Manufacturing Support

Patent Support

Electronic Design Company / New Product Development / Ingenuity Design
Electronic Design Company / New Product Development / Ingenuity Design
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