SmartDrive™ is an innovative driver behaviour monitoring device that autonomously analyses driving behaviour and provides “real-time” visual feedback to the driver to encourage safety. It optionally connects to a smartphone and notifies the car insurer so they can reward drivers for safe driving.

Key features include…

  • Smart Sensing  – SmartDrive™ utilises the latest nanotechnology motion sensors to track your every turn, acceleration and break. Its intelligent algorithms autonomously compensate for hills, speed-bumps, pot-holes and vehicle roll, so that you only get the alerts you need. It calculates your speed on corners and adapts to be stricter when needed, but forgiving when it’s safe. It checks you’re driving against set limits and alerts you instantly when you need to take it easy and be safe.
  • Compact – The SmartDrive™ is an amazingly compact product. It’s small enough not to be obtrusive when mounted on the vehicle windscreen.
  • Simplicity – SmartDrive™ is easy to use. Simply, attach it to your vehicle windscreen using the provided adhesive tabs, start-up the App on your phone and the inbuilt graphical wizard will take you through the setup process.
  • Smart Indication – SmartDrive™ communicates with the driver via a visual indicator. Indicator movement is used to signal events (in the corner of the driver’s eye) whilst they drive. The brightness of the indicator automatically adjusts to compensate for day or night conditions.
  • Smart Communications – SmartDrive™ connects wirelessly to your Smartphone via Bluetooth. When connected, SmartDrive™ allows you to interact with your device and view journey statistics and maps with routes and event location information. At the owner’s command, it can also connect to the internet via your phone and notify the insurer about how well you’ve been driving.
  • Security – SmartDrive™ uses encryption to protect your sensitive data all the way from the device, through your phone and to the internet. The application is password protected, so your data is kept safe.
  • Low Power – SmartDrive™  has been designed to be an ultra-low power product. It runs for over 1 year on a single button cell battery.
  • Low Cost – SmartDrive™ has been designed from the ground up to be low cost. SmartDrive™ solves sensing and communications requirements without the aid of an expensive GPS and a 4G modem.

Design Aspects

Circuit and PCB Design

Embedded Software Design

Industrial Design

Packaging Design

Test App Design

Manufacturing Support

Custom Product Design / Patent Support / Ingenuity Design
App Development Services / Product Design Consultancy / Ingenuity Design
App Development Services / Product Design Consultancy / Ingenuity Design
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