Our Process

Ingenuity’s proven development process is key to your success. Ingenuity uses a quality, staged approach which helps mitigate risks early and provides regular opportunities for review. Each task has a tangible deliverable/s which maximise visibility and captures your IP. Our process is depicted as follows…

Industrial Design Company / Product Design Consultancy / Ingenuity Design

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How We Work

  • We sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement so your confidential IP is protected.
  • We don’t charge for initial meetings and proposals.
  • You retain all IP arising from services your purchase.
  • You own the patents you purchase.
  • We make use of our extensive IP database to reduce development risk, time and cost. This is provided on a perpetual, royalty free licence.
  • We provide free access to our network of qualified service providers and suppliers.
  • We don’t charge commissions.
  • You can use your preferred manufacturer or ours.
  • We track projects in real-time and provide regular updates.
  • You can view and review all deliverables.
  • You are free to suspend/postpone projects at any time.
  • We charge based on work effort, so you only pay for what you need and use.