Smart Lockers

A 24/7 digital smart locker solution for last mile delivery of ecommerce packages.

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SMArt Lockers

TZ‘s SMArt™ Locker system is a self-service network for last-mile parcel delivery that helps e-commerce platforms streamline parcel delivery to consumers. Customers receive package status updates via SMS or e-mail, enabling the digital locker to become an integral part of their e-commerce lifestyle.

SMArt Lockers

The TZ‘s SMArt™ Lockers incorporate state-of-the-art SMArt locking devices, which enable real-time monitoring and provide highly detailed intelligence at the specific locker unit level. This allows for the incorporation of local environmental sensing and control capabilities.

Ingenuity helped develop a system that is secure, modular, and customisable, meeting international standards and functional work practices. During the design process, we focused on the product’s usability, considering human factors such as physical accessibility and locker visibility. This led to the development of locker system that was versatile and able to accommodate different customer applications.

Ingenuity partnered with TZ to develop the SMArt Lockers and supported them through the roll out of the first locker systems for Australia Post, followed by Singapore Post and many other global postal organisations. SMArt lockers have now been installed in many educational institutions and corporate offices around the world.

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