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Pokit PRO frees users from the bench to take their creativity to new places.

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Pokit PRO is an all-in one multimeter oscilloscope and logger with unprecedented portability, accuracy and versatility.

It’s ideal tool for electronics, automotive, and home electrical applications and much more.

Pokit Pro

Multimeters, oscilloscopes and data loggers are important measurement tools used within the engineering and electronic hobbyist community. However, these are often bulky, expensive and difficult to use.

The challenge here was to design a product that integrates the functions of these three measurement tools, without compromising on accuracy or functionality. It needed be compact, versatile, simple to use, low cost and power efficient. This meant entirely reimagining the format of the product category to create Pokit PRO.

Pokit PRO harnesses the power of smart devices to process and display measurements and waveforms in stunning detail. Pokit PRO connects seamlessly to the Smartphone App to measure a wide range of parameters including AC/DC voltage, AC/DC current, resistance and temperature. It’s rated to 600V CATIII, 10A.

The device itself is extremely compact and portable, using a common lead which can be conveniently wound into its body for transportation.

Ingenuity was the mastermind behind Pokit PRO, and were in involved in all aspects of Pokit PRO’s design, manufacturing and commercialisation. We worked to develop the Pokit Innovations brand, protect IP, secure funding, setup manufacture and integrate logistics.

It was deeply rewarding to see our hard work then recognised by others, with Pokit PRO becoming the highest funded DIY project in Kickstarter history. The knowledge and experience we have gained through this process is invaluable, and we can now utilise this when supporting our clients.

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