E-nizing Motion Sensors provide accurate, real-time monitoring of mining vibrating screens.

  • Electronics Design
  • Embedded Software
  • Industrial Design
  • Manufacturing
  • System Design

Periodically assessing vibrating mining screens is essential for maintaining optimal machine performance and mitigating potential failures. Current manual inspection methods are inaccurate and labour intensive.  E-nizing Motion Sensors automate inspection processes by using the latest IoT technology to accurately monitor and analyse your screens performance in real-time.


The e-nizing Motion Sensors are attached to the screen and measure key screen parameters. They are completely wireless and are powered by harvesting energy directly from the machine motion and communicate wirelessly via encrypted radio. The e-nizing Gateway collects the measured data from sensors and transmits it to e-nizing cloud based server. The e-nizing server platform visualizes and analyses the data of all your screens.


The e-nizing Motion Sensors are easy to install. They attach magnetically to the side of your screen. Since they are completely wireless, there is no requirement to wire in sensors. Sensors allow operators to visualise screen parameters directly from safety of the control room. The e-nizing Motion Sensors are ruggedized for use in harsh mining applications. They have been designed to meet stringent intrinsic safety standards.


Ingenuity worked closely with the e-nizing team to develop the e-nizing sensor and gateway. The scope of work included electronics, embedded software and industrial design. Ingenuity assisted e-nizing with the construction of prototypes and the execution of field trials.

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